CGN is a family of churches working together for Gospel-centered renewal.

One of the primary ways to see global Gospel-centered renewal realized effectively is in the formation of healthy, autonomous, Gospel-centered churches – both locally and overseas.

This fall CGN is excited to introduce and implement a new Church Planter Training Program called “Cultivate”.

The vision of Cultivate is to see these churches planted not haphazardly or in solitude, but in partnership with the local church. Thus, our mission is to create a program which empowers local churches to assess, train, and deploy new church planters and missionaries.

Coaching / Training

The process begins with a three-step assessment and is characterized throughout by a methodical, relational, and pastoral approach to training the “church planter in training” based on their unique needs, in order to equip them with the character, skills, and knowledge necessary to fulfill their calling. Training will take place via a curated experience using resources primarily (but not exclusively) from Western Seminary’s Center for Leadership Development (CLD), some of which will be designed and taught by CGN leaders. A team of CGN leaders will oversee this process in conjunction with the local church in which the church planter in training is based.
The training portion is a two-semester, eight-month training, focused on the head and the heart with an optional summer internship (a four-week intensive experience) in an applicable context (e.g. urban, foreign, etc).

Assessment / Feedback

At the end of the program, there will be a collective assessment of the progress that has been made, along with the identification of areas that could still use work. Feedback will be given to the church planter in training from those who have been involved in the process. Input will be consistent with accountability for growth, and we envision that the coaching relationship would continue after the church planter in training has completed the program.

What Sets Cultivate Apart

What makes Cultivate unique is how we empower the local church to function as the “garden” in which the training takes place. A majority of the classroom-style training will take place online, whereas the local church will provide opportunities for the church planter in training to teach, lead, etc. as part of their training. In this way, the program can be thought of as an intentional church planting internship. Honoring the role of the local church is key, so this process involves coaching from the pastor, and the local church functioning as the primary sending organization.

In some cases, a local CGN church may become a ‘hub’ for the church planting training program since many ‘sending’ churches simply lack the resources or the willingness to coach someone. In some cases, rather than completing this program in their home church, a church planter-in-training might want to complete this program at a CGN church in the area where they intend to plant (e.g. someone from California who wants to plant in Colorado might want to do the program at a church in Colorado in order to better familiarize themselves with that area).

Rather than creating a new program that could be seen as undermining or competing with our existing Calvary Chapel Bible College, this training program will work in collaboration. If the Bible college has graduates or applicants who feel called to church planting, they will be referred to this program. In some cases, particular CCBC courses may meet a need for training.

Completion / Next Steps

The price for the church planter in training is currently $3,000 which will be distributed to both the coach’s church and CGN – for the costs associated with assessment, teaching and training courses, and administration. There is no guarantee that at the end of the program the church planter in training will be deployed as a church planter or missionary. Successful completion of the program, as well as positive referrals from those who oversaw the process, will help the church planter in training be considered for financial support from CGN.

“I really appreciate the Cultivate program helping to equip me for the Lord’s calling on my life. It has allowed me to learn and study at my own pace while balancing the rest of my responsibilities.” – Joe Kitto, Cultivate Student and Church Planter