2020 Annual Report

Thank you for your support, prayers and encouragement in 2020. It has been an interesting year, however, we have been amazed by the work the Lord has done.

We ended 2019 with a bang, with our first CGN vision and planning meeting. One of the main themes from that meeting was “Together we can do much more than we can separately.”

Scripture uses imagery to describe the spirit of togetherness characterized by the early church. There is such a profound sense of togetherness in the book of Acts; the Christians pooled their possessions and distributed them to brothers and sisters in need (Acts 2:44-45; 4:32-35) and the church grew exponentially.

CGN is “A Network of Calvary Chapels and other like-minded churches who are Committed to the Great Commission” who deeply desire to see that same sense of togetherness and exponential growth in the church today.

We have provided the annual report below for you to see what God has done in this unprecedented year and for you to pray about partnering with us financially. Imagine what could be accomplished if hundreds of churches were working together, informing, training, connecting, and church planting.

Please pray about partnering finically with CGN!

May the Lord bless there new year in 2021 with His grace and guidance for us all.

Blessings, The Calvary Global Network Team

Who we are:

“A Network of Calvary Chapels and other like-minded churches who are Committed to the Great Commission”


Introduction of the CGN Collaborative Vision Leadership Team:

Collaborative Vision Team

This year we introduced our CGN Collaborative Leadership Vision team. This group of ministry practitioners are working on six initiatives designed to serve network churches by providing training resources, meaningful opportunities for relationship development in local areas around the world.

CGN Leader Series 

Our CGN Executive Team has recorded videos to breakdown our vision and mission statements. 

What God Is Doing

CGN welcomed 34 new churches this year!

We currently serve with 1,696 other churches. Find out more at our church finder.

Connection: Connection to CGN happens digitally (through online platforms and social media) and personally (conferences, seminars and retreats; this year the impact of COVID-19 kept us from meeting in person). These types of opportunities will remain and expand in 2021.

What we do:

  • We Relationally & Strategically partner to:
    • Proclaim the Gospel
    • Make Disciples
    • Plant Churches 

Task Team Leaders

Lead in implementation of new network-wide strategies for collaboration, training, and ministry

Justin Thomas

Local Connectors Team Leader

Although CGN is an international collection of churches committed to pursuing the great commission together, the primary partnerships occur between individual churches who share a regional context. It is churches serving side-by-side who are the best equipped to support one another. Because of that, we spent 2020 identifying Local Connectors to gather together like-minded churches for fellowship, prayer, and partnership. To date, we have identified 61 Connectors worldwide. Especially in a year like this one, these groups of local churches have provided vital support to one another. With the help of our Local Connectors, we were also able to host dozens of regional meetups at our annual CGN Conference, giving our international gathering a local touchpoint.

In the coming year, we hope to increase the number and coverage of our Local Connectors. It is our goal that every CGN church will know and be known by others in their context, and that this will lead to gospel-driven partnerships all over the world. We are also establishing a core support team. This team will train, counsel, and encourage our Local Connectors and be available to help in any way possible. We also hope to provide initial and ongoing training at our annual conference, as well as establishing a way to regularly share the amazing things that God is doing in different regions across the world. We are excited to see the bonds between churches strengthened, and anticipate abundant fruit as we pursue the Lord together and serve him side-by-side.

Pilgrim Benham

Communications Task Team Leader

In many ways, the Communications Task Team is a support team for both the Executive Leadership Team as well as the other Task Teams. In a sense, we are always “on-call” for various projects and assist with both the actual content as well as the execution of when/how information is shared with Calvary Global Network. In November 2019, the team was formed and tasked with a few important initiatives:

  • Summarize and enhance the broader vision, mission, and philosophy of CGN
  • Suggest improvements and write content for both calvarychapel.com and calvaryglobalnetwork.com
  • Establish a workflow for content creation that is network-wide
  • Identify annual rhythms of communication
  • Write content for and strategize upcoming “press releases”
  • Announcing the Executive Leadership Team
  • Announcing the Task Teams
  • Announcing the Local Connectors
  • Timing/execution for the release of the Statement on Racism
  • Adapt the leaders’ conference to include vision/mission/philosophy and annual initiatives
  • Assist the Funding Task Team with editing content for the 2020 Annual Report
  • Strategizing the implementation of “CGN Stories” on social media

Currently, our team is working on each paragraph, page, and picture on the new calvaryglobalnetwork.com, and we are excited about how the new site will be both informative as well as interactive! As CGN continues to expand by God’s grace, the Communications Task Team will be working hard in 2021 to capture and convey the work of God’s Spirit to the ends of the earth. We look forward to some new initiatives to roll out in the new year!

Ted Leavenworth

Leadership Care & Coaching Task Team Leader

Where there is no counsel, the people fall; but in the multitude of counselors there is safety. – Proverbs 11:14

Without counsel, plans go awry, but in the multitude of counselors they are established. – Proverbs 15:22

For by wise counsel you will wage your own war, and in a multitude of counselors there is safety. – Proverbs 24:6

The CGN Care & Coaching Team is a diverse group of seasoned pastors committed to helping ministry leaders navigate through the heart, head and hand issues of ministry. Working locally and globally, this team serves as a resource to those facing personal struggles, navigating difficult decisions, or who are simply in need of practical wisdom in specific areas of ministry. Leveraging networks and relationships with CGN Local Connectors and pastors around the globe, the Care & Coaching Task Team provides counsel and help to pastors, church leaders and church planters through a variety of resources and events.

The Care & Coaching Team currently includes Nate Holdridge, Rob Salvato, Ted Leavenworth, and Rod Thompson, with more to be added over the next two months, to better serve CGN’s national and international leadership. We are currently working to expand an online tool kit filled with helpful information for church planters and ministry leaders, and we see this as not only an ongoing resource to our network partners, but also an “on-growing” one as we continue to add more resource content. Additionally, we will begin recording monthly Leadership Care & Coaching Podcasts beginning in December 2020. These podcasts will be round-table discussions with a diverse group of pastors and leaders on a variety of practical topics that church leaders wrestle with every day. Several respected CGN leaders and pastors (both nationally and internationally) have committed to this project, and we are excited to have this resource available to the network beginning in January 2021.

Nick Cady

Leadership Training Team Leader

Since our meeting in November 2019, the training team has undergone two changes in leadership. Despite these changes, the team has been successful in making progress toward our goal of creating a nine-month program to assess, train, and deploy new church planters and missionaries. We firmly believe that the training and deployment of new church planters and missionaries is of primary importance not only to our movement, but to the mission of God. We want to help local churches be able to effectively equip those whom God is calling, so they can serve well and make an impact without having to learn everything the long and hard way.

As part of this process, we have consulted with other organizations, including seminaries, Christian leadership development centers, and church planting organizations, to see what we can learn from them about how to best approach this process. We are now at the point where we are ready to submit a proposal to the CGN Executive Team and plan to have a full roll-out of the program by June 2021.

Honoring the role of the local church in assessing, training, and deploying new church planters and missionaries is important to us, and so the program will use the local church as the “lab” and “sending” organization. You might think of this as a church planting internship program and intensive learning experience, which is catered to assess and meet the unique needs of each individual participant. We will take into consideration their experience, knowledge, and needs for training based on where they are at and where God is calling them to serve.

In our discussions, we have agreed that creating a new program like this could be seen as competing with or undermining our existing Bible college system, which is not what we want to do. Instead, we would like to make sure anything we do as CGN works like IKEA, where all parts and pieces are designed to work together. We have been in conversation with CCBC about how this training program will meet specific needs and how we would like to work alongside them for the furtherance of God’s Kingdom.

Sending out church planters and missionaries has always been central to who we are as Calvary, but we want to use the resources at our disposal to be intentional about the training process and equip more churches with the tools to do it well. We are excited to see how this program will come together and how the Lord will use it in the years to come.

Clay Worrell

Network Membership Team Leader

Calvary Chapel has always been a family of churches; a strong network of like-minded, autonomous fellowships united by shared theological and philosophical distinctives. Over the years, the process of bringing new churches in to our family has taken various forms, ranging from relatively formal structures, to completely relational with very little formality. At the November 2019 CGN vision and planning meeting, our team was assembled to explore what network membership would look like for churches that seek to join Calvary Chapel and/or Calvary Global Network.

Our in-person brainstorming produced a significant framework that we have been able to build upon in the subsequent months. Our heart is to create a network membership process that is primarily relational, while still being thorough and well documented. With that in mind, we have proposed a process to the Executive Leadership Team in which the pastor of a prospective CGN/CC church will enter into a series of meetings with the CGN Local Connectors in their area, with the purpose of building genuine relationship, while exploring the theological and philosophical positions of the pastor and the church. Through these meetings, the Local Connectors would make a unified decision on whether the prospective church is a good fit. Our desire is that even after acceptance into CGN membership, those Local Connectors would continue as a network of vital resources and relationships for new church plants and existing churches within the Calvary Global Network.

Our hope is that this will make the process of joining our network life-giving rather than burdensome, producing genuine connections between local CGN churches that leads to encouragement, accountability, and shared kingdom fruit for many years to come. Though we have not yet finalized anything in this process, we are excited about the direction we are headed, and we look forward to seeing how the Lord will grow our family of churches in these coming seasons.

Jeff Gipe

Funding Team Leader

Our first CGN vision and planning meeting in November 2019 was amazing. The Holy Spirit moved powerfully and revealed His will to us corporately. We had no idea three months later the world would be hit by a global pandemic.

Many of us panicked. Many of us prayed the words of Paul, “Don’t be anxious, but make requests to God with thanksgiving” (Philippians 4:6). Our thanksgiving triumphed over anxiety as the Lord moved mightily. He showed us new and creative ways how to serve.

One of these ways was the CGN Covid-19 Relief Fund.

When the world shut down, the Lord opened a door for us to minister to churches suffering from a financial famine caused by the virus. Modeling ourselves after the apostle Paul, who raised funds from the Macedonian churches in the midst of “a great trial of affliction and extreme poverty,” who by the grace of God gave willingly, joyfully, and beyond their ability (2 Corinthians 8-9). We reached out to the CGN family who responded graciously and resoundingly. Together we raised $47,344 and were able to give $47,195 to churches in Africa, New Zealand, the Philippines, Peru, Nicaragua, Uganda, Kosovo, Myanmar (Burma), Mexico, Columbia and the US.

We are so grateful to have witnessed the work of the Holy Spirit in the CGN family combat the work of the enemy, who tried to use this virus as evil against us. “But God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive” (Genesis 50:20).

We have given $50,195 to over 15 churches in 7 months!

  • $5,000: Roots NYC
  • $1,610: The Living Gospel Church
  • $2,000: Calvary Chapel Kampala
  • $4,765: Calvary Chapel Fort Portal
  • $3,000: Calvary Chapel Logos
  • $2500: Refuge Fellowship Yangon
  • $7000: Friends of Peru
  • $3000: Calvary Chapel ChristChurch
  • $1000: Calvary Chapel Prishtina
  • $2000: U-Turn for Christ
  • $4,900.00: Calvary Chapel Bishkek
  • $3,000 CC Jinja
  • $1400 CC San Gabriel Valley
  • $3000 Capilla Del Calvario Emanuel – Michael Gaude
  • $3000 CC Living Water

There are numerous testimonies from churches of how the Lord used these funds, adding to the Kingdom and glorifying God.

“Together we can do much more than we can separately.”

The main theme at the CGN vision and planning meeting was this: “Together we can do much more than we can separately.” We had a total of 46 donors giving anywhere from $25 to $1,500, which helped nearly 20 churches globally.

Imagine what could be accomplished if hundreds of churches were to give willingly, joyfully, and beyond their ability to CGN to continue our work in informing, training, connecting, and church planting.

The Funding Task Team is committed to finding ways and means to make this happen. First, we are moving forward in making CGN its own legal operating entity of the State of California and the federal levels. Secondly, we are encouraging our CGN partners to give financially to help CGN become self-sustainable apart from CCCM. Thirdly, we are in the midst of developing creative ways to generate funds. Above all, we pray God’s will be done as we seek and serve Him.

Noteworthy Resources


A wealth of pastoral articles by CGN leaders over at CalvaryChapel.com

Church Locator

Whether visiting a church service safely or watching a church service online, discover Christ-centered churches in your local area! We have over

Online Connection Hub

Helping CGN members find and post job openings and connect with Church Plant opportunities.

CGN International Conference

We had such an amazing time at our first ever all-online conference. It is the aim of Calvary Global Network to strike the balance of celebrating both the history of grace, and a future of grace, by the power of Christ. The Calvary Chapel/CGN International Conference is one expression of our greater vision to express the love of Christ, train church leaders, and celebrate the diversity and unity we enjoy in the Church (1 Corinthians 12:12-31).

This year’s theme of “Essential Church” was proven to be a timely encouragement for us to trust in the identity, power, and mission of the church to advance the Gospel to all the world.

When the CGN team met back in November, little did we realize how important (and relevant) this year’s conference theme would be until COVID-19 hit our world. God was present in 2019 and actively preparing us for what 2020 would hold. Never has there been a time like the present to revisit Calvary Chapel’s values and the true essence of what “church” is. From its beginning, CGN has a history rooted in the Calvary Chapel movement of grace and reaching people cross-culturally. We were amazed by the Lord’s guidance in this year’s lineup of speakers, and each speaker provided a broad and diverse perspective to this year’s theme.




Hours of Training


International Speakers

We established a fruitful and expanding training partnership with Western Seminary.

Through this partnership, over a hundred CGN leaders have received as much as a 55% tuition discount to date. All students are currently receiving at least 50%, while some receive up to an additional 10% based on financial need.

Western Seminary


CGN Leaders Studying at Western in 2020

This year, we have hosted a one-hour FB Live prayer time every day during the  pandemic. We have ministry leaders who have continued to host a prayer time each day. We know that God is on the throne and will help us through this time. Please join us on our Facebook page, as we come together in prayer. 

The GoodLion Podcast Network

In 2020 CGN expanded it’s new podcast network “GoodLion” in our continued efforts to bring Christ-centered content to the body of Christ.

We’ve created a platform for pastors, creatives, and ministry leaders to produce and promote podcast content within the CGN.

Notable Initiatives

  1. We created a summer internship program to train students from the School of Worship on how to make a podcast-ministry. You can check out the show they produced here.
  2. We welcomed 13 new shows to the network, and we are currently vetting requests from several others who want to join with what we are doing!
  3. We produced a “PodClass”, an interactive course-discussion with students around theological topics.
  4. We set up a section of the website with content geared specifically to help people think/pray through the most challenging aspects of 2020, including COVID and racial tensions.







Content Creators

A Sample Of Our Shows

Book Promos

There are CGN Leaders who have written books that you can find through major marketplaces like Amazon etc.
Some have been published by Calvary Publishing, and we are excited to support those publishing with promotion for our CGN Leaders!

Our Websites


Articles and info on CalvaryChapel. Managed by George Scanlan.


Communicating the vision and mission of CGN.


Our podcast network. Managed and curated by Aaron Salvato.

Extension sites


Cinthya Rios manages esp.calvarychapel.com, translating all content into Spanish.


Denisa Stanciu manages Calvary.ro and translates all content into Romanian. 

Developing Strategies In Motion

We will be becoming a 501c3 in 2021

Good news! Calvary Global Network (CGN) will become a 501c3 in 2021.

We are very excited to announce we have begun the process of establishing CGN as an accepted legal operating entity at the state of California and Federal levels.

CGN was birthed from the heart and ministry of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa (CCCM). CCCM has immensely blessed CGN by subsidizing the cost of this new ministry for nearly four years. Like a mother weaning her child, CCCM has begun the “weaning” process of CGN from its subsidies to become a fully self-sustainable 501c3.


Scripture uses imagery to describe the spirit of togetherness characterized by the early church. Two particular images are “the household of God” and “the family of God” (Eph. 2:19; 3:15). God is the Father, and we are His sons and daughters. There is such a profound sense of togetherness in the book of Acts; the Christians pooled their possessions and distributed them to brothers and sisters in need (Acts 2:44-45; 4:32-35). This is the heart of CGN for the family of God and churches.

We pray the Holy Spirit would powerfully move as we experience the profound sense of togetherness by CGN’s commitment to gospel proclamation, disciple-making and church planting throughout the world.

Please pray about partnering with us to preach the gospel and reach the world for Christ!

Sponsorship and Advertising Revenue

International, National and Regional Conferences generally provide a healthy income stream but due to the pandemic we were limited in what we could do.

Though our team worked hard, taking our International Conference, “Essential Church” online with the blessing of 725 attendees, 30 hours of training, and 19 international speakers, we lacked our normal income stream.

This is why the CGN/calvarychapel.com team has many exciting events planned for 2021.

In conjunction with the 2021 International Conference they have plans for events that deal with important topics such as: Leadership Coaching, Church Planting, Gospel & Race, Sexuality and many more. All of which will produce an income stream from a variety of sponsors and advertisers.

The CGN/calvarychapel.com team is also working on some very exciting Strategic Partnerships with Health Care providers, Retirement organizations, Missions organizations, Publishing companies and Training organizations that will not only benefit the CGN family it will provide an income stream.

Please pray about partnering financially with CGN/calvarychapel.com in this great adventure for we know that together we can do much more than we can separately.

Funding Graph

In our efforts to becoming self-sustainable, the CGN/calvarychapel.com team is diligently working on ways of developing income streams. As indicated in the graph below, our General Donations and Sponsorship and Advertising revenue was very low. This was, without a doubt due to the pandemic.

General Donations: When the world shut down and the Lord opened the door for us to establish the Covid-19 Relief Fund we learned a very important lesson. Our most precious assets are those who share in the vision and care for the work God has called CGN to do. Raising over $50,000 through just a handful of churches opened our eyes to the reality of possibilities that could happen if hundreds of churches partnered together for this vital kingdom work. The fact of the matter is, if just 250 churches cheerfully gave $250 per month for one year General Donations would be $750,000.

We realize that not all churches can afford to give $250 per month and that there are others that could afford to give much more. The CGN/calvarychapel.com team is asking that you and your church pray about what the Lord would have you cheerfully give.