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CGN Relief Fund

Helping Ministry Leaders Around The World

Current Focus: Ukraine

Hello CGN Family,
Calvary Chapel has been ministering in Ukraine, Hungary and Poland for decades. Many churches have been planted, and many missionaries have been sent. Some Ministry Leaders in Ukraine have been successful in helping their families and friends leave the country; others have stayed in Ukraine to minister and help others navigate through these very difficult days. There are two ways in which we can help:
First, those who have stayed in Ukraine need funds for food and fuel. Secondly, those who have successfully fled Ukraine, have landed in Hungary and Poland, and will need funds for food and shelter. Thankfully, there are Ministry Leaders in Hungary and Ukraine that are preparing for the tens of thousands of potential refugees.
We would appreciate your continued prayers and any financial gift that you could give. If you would like to help financially, please click on the donate button. This will take to you a drop-down prompt where you can select the “CGN Relief Fund.”
We will keep you updated on future needs.
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How to Send and Receive Support

CGN Leader, Jeff Gipe, shares some information on how to send and receive support for Ukraine. We are continuously praying for Ukraine and the efforts toward supporting those on the ground.

CGN Ukraine Update Video – March 2022

Continued prayers for Ukraine. If you would like to support relief sent to our teams in Ukraine, click here to view the CGN Relief Fund:

Ukraine Update: Pastor Jed Gourley and Pam Markey

Nick Cady and Aaron Salvato talk with missionaries Jed Gourley and Pam Markey about the situation in Ukraine! We at CGN wanted to do what we can to help our Calvary family understand what is happening in Ukraine during the start of this war and how we can all be praying.

Updates from the war.

Pastor Benjamin Morrison is a missionary in our network who is doing a ton of ministry work on the front lines of the war.


  • The political will for world leaders to make the bold steps necessary to defeat Putin quickly (e.g., cutting Russia off from SWIFT). Moreover, pray for God to supernaturally crush this evil and injustice.
  • Pray for many in these difficult days to find their hope and strength in Christ.
  • Pray for God’s provision to serve the millions of refugees in neighboring countries as well as the local refugees here in Ukraine.
  • Pray for strength and encouragement for all those pastors and ministers in Ukraine who are pouring themselves out to bring Christ to those in need.
Donate to the Relief Fund

Application Process


  • Fill out the application.
  • Your application will be reviewed by the CGN Funding Team.
  • Your application will either be preliminarily approved, pending a request for more information or denied; an email will provide you with an update after 1-2 days.
  • If approved, Calvary Global Network (CGN) will disperse funds per their process working directly with the recipient.
  • We will post the name of the recipient, a picture of the location, and the amount given for transparency to donors
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